About Us

Every Homeowner wants to improve functionality and increase the value of their home. And everyone wants to save money in the process. 

We’re in a housing shortage, and properties are in high demand. That’s why Contractors are busy, and with higher demand comes higher prices. So much for saving money! But hold on.

I’ve been in the Home Improvement industry for 30 years, and I’ve seen many different styles and trends. As styles change, prices have increased. You’re at a crossroads. You think, “Can I hire someone to do the work? And “Can I do it myself?” No Contractor is born an expert. They’ve been taught the skills they possess. They all had to start somewhere.

Homeownersdiy.com was created to answer the questions “can I do home improvements myself?” and “Where can I learn how to do them?” The answers are “Yes!” and “Right here!” You can learn how to do your home improvement projects on your own, saving thousands of dollars in the process.

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