99 Best Blog Examples to Learn From + Inspire You in 2023

Best Health & Fitness Blogs

Health and fitness blogs have exploded in popularity over the last few years as people become more health-conscious. These best blog examples are aimed at those looking to improve their physical and mental well-being through exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness practices.

7. My Fitness Pal

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  • Main Focus: A health and fitness app that tracks calorie intake, exercise, and nutrition goals.
  • What Makes it Special: My Fitness Pal offers a vast database of foods, making it easy to track meals accurately. Additionally, the app syncs with other health apps and devices, such as Fitbit and Apple Health.
  • How it’s Monetized: My Fitness Pal earns revenue through premium subscriptions that offer additional features like custom macronutrient goals and no ads.

8. Ben Greenfield Life

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  • Main Focus: A comprehensive resource for health, fitness, and nutrition advice focusing on optimizing performance and longevity.
  • What Makes it Special: Ben Greenfield is a renowned biohacker and athlete who shares his cutting-edge research and experimentation through engaging writing and podcasts. His website also features helpful resources such as workout plans and supplement guides.
  • How it’s Monetized: The blog earns revenue through affiliate marketing, selling its own e-books on health and fitness, offering personalized coaching services, and sponsorship deals with companies in the health industry.

9. Nerd Fitness

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  • Main Focus: Helping nerds, geeks, and average Joe’s level up their lives through fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching.
  • What Makes it Special: Nerd Fitness combines pop culture references with practical health advice to make getting fit more fun and accessible. The website also features a supportive community forum where members can connect and share their progress.
  • How it’s Monetized: Nerd Fitness earns revenue by selling its own e-books on fitness and nutrition, offering personalized coaching services, and sponsorship deals within the industry.

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