15 Best Dorm Room Storage Ideas for 2022

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Congrats! Your child is all grown up and off to college.

As they step into unknown territory, their new journey will be full of new friends and experiences.

But one thing is certain. Kids have a lot of stuff!

The average size of a dorm room is around 90-130 square feet for single occupancy. That’s the size of a small bedroom.

Their dorm room will be not only a bedroom but also a workspace for class assignments and research.

How and where are they going to put their stuff? Clothes, bedding, shoes, computers, books, toiletries, and personal grooming items all need a place to be stored in a room the size of a sardine can.

Whether you’re a freshman or already living on campus, learning about the 15 best dorm room storage ideas for 2022 will give you the options you need to utilize every space available for storing all of your stuff neatly and organized.

Let’s jump right in.

#1. Bed Shelfie

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This bed shelfie requires no tools for installation and is a great way to add bedside storage when nightstands take up too much room.

The deep cup holder is large enough for a can of soda and prevents knocking over a drink in the middle of the night.

There’s plenty of room for a tablet, earbuds, alarm clock, and a notepad to jot down spontaneous ideas.

#2. Bathroom vanity door organizer


This Cabinet Door / Wall Mount Hair Dryer & Styling Tools Organizer utilizes the unused backside of a vanity door or can be hung on a wall.

No blow dryer, no problem. Use the basket portion to hold toothbrushes, shaving cream, and hair styling gels and sprays.

#3. Zinus Side Table and mini fridge stand


In the U.S., we think of storage “horizontally,” but in Europe, they think of storage “vertically.”

Utilize unused space under a mini fridge with this 20″x 20″ x 20″ stand.

The basket has plenty of room for snacks and cereal boxes and can support up to 100 pounds.

#4. Double Over the Fridge Caddy Organizer


One of the best dorm room storage ideas is to utilize the area around your mini fridge.

This Dorm Double Over the Fridge Caddy Organizer has 11 pockets for storing flatware and paper products.

This handy caddy is perfect for plastic utensils and cups and has embedded magnets to secure it to the refrigerator.

It takes up minimal space and will not interfere with opening or closing the door.

#5. 7 Tier Bookshelf Organizer Tree Bookcase


This 7-tier tree bookshelf has two different configurations and ample storage for books and notepads.

It’s one of the 15 best dorm room storage ideas in 2022 because it takes up minimal floor space, and shelves can hold potted plants or even shoes.

Plus, a vertical bookshelf looks cool and adds a bit of style to an ordinary dorm room.

#6. Drawer Dividers


Draw dividers are a great way to organize socks and underwear.

No more fumbling through drawers looking for that one sock that always seems to get lost.

Students can use these dividers in bathroom vanities to organize makeup or kitchen drawers for utensils.

#7. Bedside caddy


A bedside caddy is one of the best dorm room storage ideas when there’s no room for a nightstand.

You can insert the caddy between the mattress and bed frame or under sofa cushions.

It’s perfect for storing magazines, books, cell phones, remotes, glasses, notebooks, and charging cords.

#8. Magic Hangers Space Saving Clothes Hangers


These hangers are a must for dorm room closet storage.

The hangers neatly store shirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters, and jackets in a cascading fashion, which allows for more organized closets.

Plus, the hangers can hang wet clothes that can’t be placed in a dryer.

#9. Room Dividing Tension Rod


You can use these spring tension rods in many areas- bathrooms, balconies, kitchens, and bedrooms as curtain rods, clothes drying poles, or room dividers.

The rod can be used on tile, glass, painted walls, and other surfaces and is adjustable to 102 inches.

It’s a spring-loaded rod that requires no installation tools and can act as a room divider that separates living spaces between dorm roommates.

The rod can also provide more storage solutions for hanging clothes in dorm rooms with no closets.

#10. Tall Bed Risers


Place these tall bed risers under the legs of your bed, and you have one of the best dorm room storage ideas by using the space under the bed to store clothes and other items.

The risers are adjustable up to 8 inches and are stackable when not in use.

#11. SmartCube Underbed Storage Bags


Now that you’ve installed #10, it’s time for #11. These under-bed storage bags come in three sets and are perfect for utilizing unused space under your dorm room bed.

Each bag has a clear plastic cover to see what’s inside and keep the dust out. The bags also come with ten adhesive tags for labeling.

These bags are perfect for quickly and neatly swapping clothes as the season’s change.

#12. Over the Door Pocket Organizer


Take advantage of unused space on the closet, bathroom, and pantry doors with an over-the-door pocket organizer.

The organizer hangs over a door and has six pockets with windows to see what’s inside.

Store toiletries, napkins, and miscellaneous items you have that need a place to go.

#13. Headboard storage


Install this headboard over your dorm bed; you’ve got a great place to store extra books and reading materials.

This headboard is simple and sturdy with fixed shelves.

It has a clean look, and there’s a hole in the back of the shelf for neatly consolidating cords from electronics.

#14. Padded Folding Desk Chair with Arms


Sitting on a bed with your laptop to do class assignments is a bummer and though it’s not used for storage, it’s a must on the list.

Do your back a favor and get this padded desk chair with arms. The chair folds for easy storage and frees up floor space when not used.

This chair pairs great with #15 on this list.

#15 of the 15 best storage ideas for 2022:Murphy desk


A murphy desk is one of the best dorm room storage ideas for 2022.

This desk takes up minimal space and has plenty of shelf space for pens, staplers, and highlighters.

Keep your research materials and notes organized on a desk that can be folded up into the wall when not in use.

You can use the flat leg of the desk to place a calendar or dry eraser board to jot down notes and ideas.

Bonus best dorm room storage idea; Yaheetech 2-tier mobile computer desk


If you can’t do the murphy desk, then this all-in-one unit is the way to go.

This 2-tier mobile computer desk has plenty of space for a computer, reference materials, and printer.

You’ll be the envy of the dorm with this “mini office” on wheels.


Now that you know the 15 best dorm room storage ideas for 2022, you have the options you need to make intelligent choices for storage.

These are the best ideas for storing your stuff in a dorm room where space and storage are at a premium. Every unused space can be utilized, and keep your stuff organized so you can focus on more important things like learning and getting a college degree.

There’s only one question left to consider.

What items from this list are you excited about trying?

Do you have a favorite?

Is there one item you’ve never considered?

What dorm room storage ideas do you have?

Let me know what you think and find more great articles at; homeimprovementsdiy.com

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