101 DIY Home Improvements (Add Value in 2022)

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Updated 3/9/23

Thinking of selling your home?

Maybe not now but, someday.

I don’t have to tell you the average price of home improvement projects. Ouch!

Who needs that? Not you. So, what do you do? You want upgrades but without the huge expense.

There is one way.

You can improve your home’s appearance and functionality by completing 101 simple DIY home improvement projects and, in the process, add value while saving a ton of money.

Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: A few of these DIY IMprovements involved working with electricity and plumbing. Do not attempt these repairs if not familiar with proper procedures and safety measures. Always consult a professional before attempting any repairs. Follow proper codes and regulations for your location.

101 DIY Home Improvements: Categories

Interior Projects

Exterior Projects



Add a Tile Backsplash

Adding a tile backsplash is an easy way to update an old kitchen.

There are options available that require minimal skills and tools.

YouTube video from Ask This Old House

New Countertop

Swap out old laminate tops with a beautiful Quartz countertop.

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Quartz is available in a variety of colors.

Quartz is less expensive and not as porous as Granite.

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Refinish your kitchen cabinets with bright colors that cover up that dark stain.

10 Steps for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro (+ What Not to Save Money On)

Install new Handles and Knobs

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Replace old and worn knobs, handles, and hinges with new ones that compliment your newly refinished cabinets.

Be sure to purchase knobs and pulls that cover up holes in doors and drawers.

Replace your Pantry Door

Swap out a pantry door with an etched glass door.

Etched glass is an elegant feature that adds style to outdated kitchens.

Chalk Paint a Pantry Door

Get rid of those bulky and awkward dry eraser boards and free up the clutter on the refrigerator.

Image from Amazon

Apply chalk paint to door panels or etched glass for writing grocery lists and reminders


Add a Tile Backsplash

Add a subway tile backsplash around the vanity.

Subway tile is simplistic and timeless. Add a few rows to compliment your bathroom vanity.

Don’t forget to seal the grout lines to prevent stains.

Tile the Bathroom Floor

Upgrade older tile or install laminate planking with the look and feel of natural tile.

Image from Hom Depot

An intelligent way to improve a bathroom is replacing outdated tiles which avoids costly remodels.


Grout lines in shower stalls are subject to constant moisture and mold and mildew stains.

A fresh application of grout will bring old tiles back to life.

After grouting, apply two coats of clear grout sealer to protect from stains.


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Remove and replace black and moldy caulking around tubs, showers, and vanities.

Cut the caulking with a razor knife and remove it. Use a plastic putty knife to scrape away caulking residue.

Apply new caulking after cleaning the areas with acetone. (wear rubber gloves and make sure there’s plenty of ventilation)

Update the Bath Fan

Replace old and noisy bath fans with a newer and less noisy model.

Built-in heaters, night light functions, and motion sensors are a few features of new bath fans.

Paint the Tub

Bathtub refinishing kits are sold at Big Box and paint stores everywhere.

The kits are easy to use and convenient. Follow all instructions.

Give your Bathroom a “Theme.”

Live near the beach?

Paint your bathroom with ocean-inspired colors and add accents like sea shells and starfish.

7 Simple Home Improvement DIY Projects (Easily Sell Your Home in 1 Day)


Replace Bulbs

Swap out incandescent bulbs with energy-saving LED or CFLs.

Bulbs come in various colors and brightness. Be sure to get bulbs that are “instant on.”

Updating your light bulbs is a small project that saves significant money on energy bills.

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Install Additional Receptacles

One can never have enough outlets in a room.

More outlets eliminate the need for extension cords.

Swap out Switches and Receptacles

Replace black and brown switches and receptacles with white or off-white ones.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Installing Dual functional smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is a wise choice.

Be sure to follow instructions for recommended placement. Use a sharpie marker to label the battery install date.

Recessed Lights

Remove bulky table lamps and brighten any room with low-profile LED recessed lights.


Fix leaks

Small leaks and drips can lead to big problems down the road.

Replace Faucets and Shower Trims

New faucets and shower fixtures are a simple way to improve the look of kitchens and bathrooms.

Add Shut-Off Valves

Many older homes have one shut-off valve for the entire house.

Adding shut-off valves for sinks, toilets, and tubs is intelligent and essential for minimizing damage from leaks or burst pipes.

Installing shut-off valves has never been easier. Try “Sharkbite” fittings that are simple to install, no blow torch required.

Image from Sharkbite


Have a Yard Sale

Image from Canva

Declutter your home with a simple and fun yard sale.

Get the neighbors involved to increase traffic to your sale!

Your old stuff could be someone’s treasure, and you’ll make a few bucks to boot.

Improve Closets

Install wire shelving systems and shelves to organize and improve closets.

More Storage

Add wardrobe cabinets in rooms where closet space is at a minimum.

Utilize unused space for additional storage with a touch of style and ingenuity.


Hide Wires

Organize clusters of wires and extension cords with a cord organizer.

Create an Organized Entryway

Add a bench that has under-storage or cubicles for shoes, gloves, hats, and coats.

Image from Canva

Organize the Basement

Turn your basement from a “dumping zone” to an organized paradise by adding shelving units or cabinets.

Add a dehumidifier in damp and musty environments to keep your items safe and dry.

Organize the Attic


Place Holiday Decorations and seasonal items in plastic tubs and label each with a sharpie marker.

Plastic tubs protect items from temperature changes and can be labeled on each side to make things easier to find.

Set up your Laundry Room

Add a wall cabinet and countertop above your washer and dryer.

Organized hampers, collapsable drying racks, and a laundry-folding station will impress potential buyers.



Paint, Paint, Paint

Painting is an inexpensive and straightforward way to improve looks and add value to your home.

Switch things up with an accent wall or Shadow Stripes!

DIY Room Painting Ideas: ( Subtle Stripes That Wow!)

You can save big money by prepping and painting walls yourself.

How to Prep Walls for Painting in 2022 (+Pro Tips for DIYers)

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Removing popcorn texture from ceilings is easier than you think.

Get rid of that outdated style and reveal the elegant ceilings beneath.

How to Paint a Ceiling for Beginners (10 Easy Steps)

Lamp Shades

Add a touch of eclectic style by switching old lamp shades with bright colored and patterned shades.


Colorful throw pillows and area rugs are a great way to brighten up old furniture and create a cheerful vibe.

Drapes and Curtains

Image from Canva

Time to replace old and dark drapes with a newer and lighter versions.

Light-colored fabrics allow sunlight and make rooms appear bigger and brighter.

Window Shades

Replace sun-dried window shades with brighter, light-filtering new ones.

Add Some Art

Visit a few yard sales and find some artwork that expresses your inner self and fills that space on your wall.

Switch Plate Covers

Install new switch plates and outlet covers.

Image from Canva

Do not paint switch plates and outlet covers with wall paint. New plates are cheap and should be identifiable.


Replace brass-colored door knobs with brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze ones.

Clean Painted Hinges

Do you hate old paint on your door hinges and love the patina finish? Simply remove the paint with a simple hack.

Easily remove old paint from hinges by soaking them in a crockpot set to low. Warm water will loosen old paint, however, it won’t damage the patina finish.


Clean Mortise Locks

Improve the look of antique doors by cleaning up rusted mortise locks with Brass wool and oil.

Repaint rusted Heat Registers

Sand rust off of heat registers with 150 grit sandpaper and then coat them with good semi-gloss latex paint.

Paint Radiators

Old radiators can be cleaned and painted in various colors with high-temperature paint.

Radiator Covers

Not thrilled about painting?

Purchase Radiator covers that come in a variety of colors and screens.

Image from Canva

Matching Furniture

Matching end tables or furniture sets complete any room.

Save eclectic pieces for informal rooms and settings.

Install Crown Molding

Crown molding adds style and class to any room and makes wall colors “pop.”

Six Panel Doors

Remove slab doors for the six-panel version to add character to your home.

Doors are available in varying sizes with bored-out lockset holes.

Plantation Shutters

Adding Plantation Shutters are trendy and add a touch of southern charm.


Stair Molding

Adding stringer molding to the outside of a staircase provides an elegant element to a boring piece of wood.

Chair Rail

Install a chair rail in dining and family rooms. Chair rails add definition and protect walls from sliding chairs and furniture.

Wainscoting and Shadow Boxes

Use pre-made beadboard panels or molding to create wainscoting and shadow boxes on walls.

Molding can be installed directly on drywall below the chair rail, creating a shadow box.

Paint the wainscoting with semi-gloss latex paint for a look and feel of authentic wood wainscoting.


Plinth Block


The plinth block is easy to install and adds an architectural design to the base of door casings and entryways.

Tile your Foyer

Tile a section of your foyer for a cleaner look and protect your floors from wet shoes.

Replace Old Carpet

Remove old and worn carpets that trap dirt and odors.

Refinish Old Floors

Nothing compares to a freshly refinished hardwood floor.

Floor refinishing is a “big ticket” item that potential buyers can check off their list and increase the value of your home.

Paint the Garage Floor

Image from Canva

Painting a garage floor is a great way to protect the concrete and provide a clean appearance.

Efficiency and Functionality

Install a security system

DIY home security systems are inexpensive and easy to install.

The systems have DIY monitoring and apps for cameras. Add Professional monitoring services as an upgrade.

Add Technology

Home buyers and appraisers love technology and gadgets.

Install wireless thermostats and voice-activated smart devices.

Hang Televisions on walls

Do away with bulky tv stands and hang flat-screen televisions on walls. Hanging TVs will eliminate wires and give a cleaner look.

Cable providers offer wireless boxes and routers.

Install Window Seats

Window seats are a fantastic way to utilize the space under a window.


Build your own or purchase a window seat with storage for added value.

Add Air Conditioning

Install ductless split a/c units in rooms and additions.

Ductless a/c is less intrusive when installing and costs less than traditional units. Installing air conditioning will guarantee added value to your home.

Create an Office Space

More people are working from home these days.

Creating an office out of a small bedroom or an oversized closet adds value and makes your home more attractive to buyers.


Create a Work Bench

Build a Work Bench in your garage, shed, or basement to work on repairs and projects.

They’re a great way to organize tools and remove impromptu workshops from interior rooms.

Finish the Basement

Add more living space to your home by finishing the unused space in your basement.

DIY systems include interlocking floor and wall sections and require low to medium skill sets.

Create a Kid’s Space

A basement section you just finished can provide a safe and quiet nook for the kids to play.

Add a Chalk Paint Wall

Eliminate wandering crayons and markers by painting a wall in your kid’s space with chalk paint.

Chalk-painted walls are an excellent way for kids to express themselves, and chalk comes in a wide range of colors.

Image from Canva

A Man Cave

No kids yet? No problem. Turn your newly finished basement into a man cave.

Add a pool table or dart board, and you’ve got a place for the giant kid in your life.

Add a second Refrigerator/Freezer.

A second refrigerator/freezer in a garage or basement is a great way to store extra beverages.

Use the freezer to stock up on “sale” items from the meat department of your local grocery store.

Install a Murphy Bed


Murphy Beds are so cool!

They come in handy for long family visitors and easily fold away and save a ton of space.

Install a Murphy Desk

A Murphy Desk is a smart way to create a small office space.

Image from Wayfair

They have shelves to store office supplies that fold into the wall for easy storage.



Replace Rotted Wood

You don’t want a home inspector to find rotting wood. Save yourself from a headache, find it, and replace it.

Replacing rotted trim is a DIY home improvement that’s simple and necessary to protect your home and eliminate eye sores.

Power Wash

Clean your home siding, sheds, and walkways with a power washer.

Along with proper chemicals, a power washer can remove grease and oil stains from pavement and concrete.

Add a Stone Veneer


Installing a faux Stone Veneer to a sidewall section is a neat way to add an architectural element to your home.

Faux brick veneer can be installed around front porch bases and garages.

Remove exterior Junk Appliances, Metal, and Car Parts

Make a sign and stick it on your front lawn. Write “free metal” or “make me an offer.”

Local scrap metal haulers will become your new best friend and help clean up your exterior free of charge!

Add Window Flower Boxes

Flower boxes are a great way to beautify the front of your home and add curb appeal.


Repair Old Windows

Do you have an older vinyl window with foggy glass? No need to buy a new window. Call your local hardware store to see if they can replace the glass.

Local hardware stores usually charge $75 or less to repair damaged windows. And that saves money.

Paint the Front Door

Image from Canva

Switch up the color of your front door with something new that pops.

Don’t go crazy with color. What you may love, others will hate!

Install Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are a great way to improve appearance and home value.

They come in various sizes and colors and can be ordered online or at your local Big Box store.

Paint the Shutters

Image from Canva

Already have shutters? Paint them to match the front door. Or, paint your shutters a complementary color that accents the sidewall.

Paint the Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home is essential in protecting its construction from the elements.

To get noticed in a busy Real Estate market, be the first to paint your house in the neighborhood.

Seal your Driveway

Image from Canva

Recoat your existing paved driveway and make it look brand new.

Freshly sealed driveways have a professional look that pops in front of the home.

If you don’t have a driveway, consider making one! Designated parking spaces increase home values.

Install a Fence

A fence can be a great accent to a well-manicured lawn.

Fences can create privacy and security and come in different styles and materials.

Efficiency and Functionality

Add Lighting

Motion-sensor spotlights add a level of security and safety to your home.

For fabulous accents, you can install landscape lighting strips around decking, porches, or under stair treads.

Author photo of a clear cedar deck with landscape lights

Clean your Gutters


Clogged gutters are a recipe for disaster and can result in severe damage to your home if not cleaned regularly.

There are plenty of DIY hacks and tools for cleaning gutters. No ladders are needed!

Organize the Shed

A neatly organized shed makes lawn care more pleasant.

Stumbling over clutter and dangerous lawn tools is not an ideal situation.

Add a Shed

You can’t organize what you don’t have. Buy a shed and store your expensive tools correctly.

Install a Walkway

Image from Canva

Adding a brick, flagstone, or Pavers walkway keeps foot traffic off your beautiful lawn and provides a safe pathway for visitors.

Add solar lights along the edges for added flare!

Add an Outdoor Shower


Live near an Ocean or Lake? Install an exterior shower stall for returning beachgoers to rinse off.

Add a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Smores anyone?

Replace the Front Door

Replace your older wood front door with a steel or fiberglass version. They stand up better to the elements and are more secure.

Add a Deck

Home values notably increase with the addition of a deck. They provide a space for social engagement and family gatherings.


A deck can save money on water and energy bills by adding a grill and eliminating dirty pots and pans.

Install a Farmer’s Porch

One DIY home improvement that increases home value is the addition of a farmer’s porch. They’re a great place to set up a rocking chair and keep out of the rain.

Create a Horseshoe Pit

Keep guests and kids entertained with a simple horseshoe pit. They’re easy to create and cheap too!

Build a Pizza Oven


Pizza Ovens are all the rave! Create and cook your own healthier versions of pizza that everyone will love. Never order out again!


Install Lawn Edging

Image from Houzz

Lawn edging defines sharp, crisp borders for a well-manicured lawn. They make your property appear cleaner and sharper.

Weed and Trim

Remove unsightly weeds and trim bushes and shrubs for a cleaner, crisper lawn.

Add Mulch Beds


Create mulch beds around trees, shrubs, and bushes. Add mulch along the front of your home for a beautiful finishing touch.

Mulch beds are a great way to improve curb appeal and help prevent plants and flowers from drying out.

Remove Trees

Old and rotted trees can become dangerous during intense storms and high winds. Removing trees provides a safe environment a provides a more open appearance.

Plant a Tree

No trees on your property? No problem. Plant one. Choose a tree with bright foliage or a fruit tree for added appeal.

Keep a Green Lawn

Image from Canva

Nothing shows excellent curb appeal as a lush and green lawn. Properly fertilize and water your yard for a rich green color that will impress.



Image from Canva

Adding extra insulation to attics, basements, and crawl spaces saves energy bills and will please any home inspector.

Keep an Eye on the Neighbors

Make a note of improvements done by your neighbors. Staying ahead of trends can be crucial for getting top dollar for your home.

Image from Canva

Bonus item: Energy Audit

Getting an energy assessment is a valuable resource and a wise investment.

The assessment can be shown to home inspectors and potential buyers. The report proves the steps you’ve taken to make your home more energy efficient than others.

You’ve Got Everything You Need

Okay, so now you have examples of a wide range of DIY home improvements, 101 to be exact, that you can do that add value to your home in 2023 and beyond.

The best part is all the money you’ll save along the way.

Which DIY improvement will you tackle first?

Are the wheels turning?

Will you start on the smaller items or take on larger projects first?

What are you waiting for?


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    1. Spot on Olivia.
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